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I would like to say that I’m getting an old, but that’s disrespect to actual old people—I still see settlement as a terrible option.

By 25, we should be surrounded by great people. Heck, I could argue for 23; the sooner the better. Parents were right. Don’t get mixed in with bad people. Push that concept even further; don’t get mixed in with people that don’t make you better.

You know who I’m talking about. Your friends that seem to like everything that you do or say. People who idolize you. People who always give advice you want to hear. People that when you think about them, you mostly just think about you helping them. People that you understand completely. 

And god forbid, if before any of this, you cannot seem to have a mental connection. You might as well forget whatever kind of bonding you had. It is not your problem that you cannot mentally connect with someone. It is also not your responsibility to bring that connection out. There is a place and time for everyone and you should let them fall into place naturally.We cannot be caregivers.

Cherish the ones that argue against you. Cherish the ones that make you shake your head. You may love hamburgers, but that does not mean vegetarianism is incorrect. It’s also important to recognize your comfort zone. What you enjoy and more importantly what you cannot tolerate. Let your friends crack your barrier.

Life is too short for mediocrity and mediocrity might as well be shit. Because by then it will be too late, you will already have confirmed that your friends are fine. 

~   Stephen Colletti, Laguna Beach 
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